Just like Goodbiz, Mikado is a social entrepreneurship eco-system developer as well. We would like to support the work of Goodbiz and find inspiring collaboration opportunities. As we are both experts on social impact, we are sure we have a lot in common and a lot to learn from each other. We believe through collaborations we can contribute to the development of the social sector in our own countries and all around Europe. 

Mikado is a not for profit social enterprise established in 2007 committed to serve sustainable development and to yield social impact by creating innovative models and solutions for sustainability and inclusion challenges. Mikado is proud to be Turkey's first certified B Corporation.

In our work we support private sector companies to form and implement their sustainability and inclusive business strategies, develop and implement capacity building and social impact maximization projects with NGOs and develop multi-stakeholder social innovation. Through our activities, we strengthen organizations' capacities and mobilize their resources in a way to help them better fulfil their responsibilities and contribute to sustainable development.

Social innovation, social impact and sustainability are the main pillars of Mikado. Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are in place for all our programs and we measure social impact of our activities. We strongly believe that "what can be measured can be managed".


Kaj se dogaja pri nas, na Balkanu, v Evropi in globalno na področju podjetništva z družbenim učinkom? Za vse, ki želite biti na tekočem, potrebujete navdih in iščete najboljše priložnosti.