We believe that locally-based social enterprises are uniquely qualified to transform low-income, excluded and environmentally-vulnerable communities. These enterprises are on the ground, have the trust of the communities and have created businesses aligned with their best interests.  We are happy to support goodbiz and to contribute to building a stronger social enterprise eco-system in Slovenia, with ventures that archive significant social impact and full financial success.



Over the last 20 years NESsT has been investing in entrepreneurial solutions that lift people out of poverty and provide dignified employment in emerging markets. We raise philanthropic capital to invest in and develop social enterprises that create employment and viable income opportunities for the poorest communities facing isolation, discrimination, lack of job skills and poor education.

At NESsT we leverage donations and patient capital from supporters into investments in social enterprises that generate dignified jobs for people most in need. We use an engaged approach providing tailored financing and one-on-one business development support to social entrepreneurs. We commit to these social enterprises for five to seven years, helping them through the tough transition of moving from start-up to fully scaling businesses.

Altogether, we invited 170 social enterprises to enter our portfolio, providing them with an average of four years of support and investing more than US$14 million in capacity building and direct funding. Our impact are over 49,000 dignified employments and sustainable income opportunities created.

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