We support Goodbiz because social enterprises need business knowledge, a like-minded community, encouragement, funding and investment to thrive and impact our society – and that is what Goodbiz is providing them with in Slovenia (and also what we do in several other Central European countries). We also hope that we can establish mutually beneficial connection between Goodbiz enterprises and our social enterprise clients in the future.

We increase the positive impact social purpose organizations and their supporters can have on our society. We serve NGOs, social enterprises, church organizations, small and large companies, private individuals, social investors and funders in five countries. We combine business and non-profit expertise and mobilize a range of professional partners. We offer services in strategic, management and social business consultancy, organizational development, training, impact management, CSR and volunteering programmes.

Our funders and employees learned their craft at well-renowned multinational consultancies (such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, IFUA Horváth & Partners), corporations and non-profit organizations (such as IFUA Nonprofit partner). As a social enterprise, SIMPACT re-invests profits into our social purpose.

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